Outdoor Concrete

We provide stone and rubber overlays which offer a cost effective natural and decorative alternative to plain concrete, asphalt and flooring indoors and out


Rock n Rubber can give your entrance the elegance to complete and compliment the features of your house. Most entrances are plain concrete which only leaves it as the last element to enhance on your home or business.

Pool, Patios & Decks

We offer durable and decorative coverings with a whole array of colours. Regardless of the existing surface we can repair, level and cover mostly anything.

Walkways and steps

Rock n Rubber provide a dramatic difference in the curb appeal of your homes entrance, as well as eliminating hazardous situations such as uneven, broken surfaces and steps that are too high.


We have the perfect covering for your interior project with the versatility and strength that most interior coverings can not offer.


We have many options to cover those hard used surfaces that require those high performance wearing abilities and adhesion.


We offer our high performance marine rubber coatings that look great, give excellent traction on wet surfaces and can be used on anything from Boats to Docks.